Isabella Awning for Adria Action 361/391 Caravan

Isabella Awning for Adria Action 361/391 Caravan

Get an awning which treats your Adria Action caravan right; this Isabella awning was made especially for the model of your vehicle, fitting its shape perfectly.

Isabella Awning for Adria Action 361/391 Caravan

Awning designed specifically for Adria Action Caravan. 

If you own an Adria Action caravan, you want the awning to fit its unique shape perfectly - Isabella gives you this opportunity with this beautifully designed awning. You can choose it for Adria Action size 361 or 391 European models. This awning will patch perfectly to the vehicle's unique lines and is both elegant and functional

Isabella thought of everything in the design; it features 3 different types of materials:

The side panels and roof are made of one of Isabella's finest; IsaRoof Light 240g/m² which, as the name suggests, is very lightweight. It is also especially suitable for touring. This material is also highly breathable which helps to keep the awning interior at a comfortable and pleasant temperature thanks to the UV-resistant polyester textile it is made of, which is further treated with three layers of breathable acrylic

Isabella knows how dirty the lower panels of awnings can get; this is why these parts are made of PVC which is easy to clean and helps you with maintenance. 

The wall material Isacryl 295 g/m², Isabella's optimal, durable, breathable, fibre-dyed acrylic material. Isacryl has the highest achievable fade-resistance thanks to the pigmentation method. The density of the weave plus the impregnation all the way through prevents water ingress. Nevertheless, Isacryl is a breathable material, which facilitates the best possible indoor climate in the awning.

This brilliant material will also keep the shades of your awning last, which is a big perk as you would not want the following beautiful colours to fade: Colours of Awning designed for the adria action 361/391 caravan.

The frame of this awning is a masterpiece; Isabella created a lightweight combination of Aluminium and CarbonX fibreglass. Both of these frames are also corrosion-resistant, and CarbonX especially gives the construction strength it needs to sustain less favourable weathers. CarbonX also features the innovative IsaFix lock which helps you to tension the poles of your awning easily and efficiently. With one press of the handgrip, a discreet 'click' tells you that IsaFix is locked in position. 

Moreover, this awning comes with several special features. The front panel can be removed or drawn. Also, there is a ventilation net window in the right-hand side panel which has a zipped foil cover. 

This awning comes as standard with:

  • Hyacinth curtains
  • Draught skirt 
  • Wheel arch cover
  • FixOns


      361: 402cm
      391: 432cm
Depth: 240cm 
      361: 27.8kg
      391: 29.2kg
Colours: Marine/Red/Sky Blue 
Frame: Aluminium and CarbonX
Wall material: Isacryl g/m²
Roof and side panel material: IsaRoof Light 240g/m²
Mud wall material: PVC
Removable panels: Front
Ventilation: Mosquito net window in the right-hand side panel 
Fits: Adria Action 361 or 391 (choose in the options)
Manufacturer reference:
      361: 168101019
      391: 168201019

Technical illustration:

Technical illustration for Adria Action 361/391 awning

Optional extras: 

Annexe 220 

Extend the living space of your awning with either Grey or Sand annexe. They both offer the maximum height an Isabella awning can have, a removable front panel with two doors and an inset ventilation zip. Moreover, both sand and grey annexe feature mudflaps for draught protection. It can also be used for storage or even a sleeping space for those unexpected guests with an optional inner tent.  
- Sand 
Ground: 215 x 240cm 
Wall and Roof material: IsaRoof 285g/m²
Weight: 17.8kg 
Colour: Sand 
Frame: Zinox 
Fits: Universal 420/360, Penta, Adria Action 361/391, Ventura Marlin, Ventura Freestander Cumulus 
Manufacturer reference: 403812209

Inner tent ?

The inner tent is made of dark grey materials to block out any light to create the perfect sleeping atmosphere. It will fit a double airbed and so can become indispensable to sleep those unexpected extra guests. Alternatively, it offers such a perfect sleeping environment with amazing ventilation and dark surroundings, outside the caravan and yet close to nature, that you might choose to sleep there yourself! 
Dimensions: 200 x 140 x 165cm (space for small, double airbed)
Materials: Cotton with fixed PVC base 
Manufacturer reference: 408000015
Can be mounted either in the annexe or in the main body of the awning.

Storm Securing Set 

If you are planning on caravanning with your Adria Action is strong winds and otherwise inclement weathers, we recommend purchasing a storm securing kit which will ensure your awning is protected. Get it by clicking here.
Winter Support

Product Type

Product Type:
  • Awning
  • Full Awning

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