Isabella Floor Unit

Isabella Floor Unit

Simply snap these brilliant floor units together to insulate the floor of your awning and provide a smooth and level surface.

Isabella Floor Unit - 2020 

Isabella - layer upon layer. 

Isabella designed brilliant floor tiles specifically for awnings, to insulate the floor and making it smooth and level, no matter the ground underneath. Therefore, the tiles will not only make the floor comfortable to walk and sit on, but also make the insides of the awning warmer in colder weathers. The floor units are lightweight (only 2.5kg each!) and extremely easy to assemble as the edges of the units fit perfectly with each other like building blocks. See for yourself how easy it is: 

The tiles are reinforced at the bottom, which makes them incredibly strong and long-lasting. Moreover, you can see cutouts at the bottom which can be used to run any cables and wires (e.g. of lamps) either vertically or horizontally - either way, for your convenience.

The units can also be used for many other purposes; for example, to create a walkway to your caravan.

When not in use, the tiles will be very easy and compact to store and transport. 

Each tile is 50 x 50cm, so you are free to purchase the exact number of units which will suit your needs and complete your awning. Don't forget to also purchase the right number of ramp sides/fronts and corners (available separately by following the links or in the 'Buy Together' tab above), for a perfect finish. These are particularly necessary for the doorways, to prevent cold and dirt from accessing your awning.

Isabella Floor Units form the second layer into fulfilling Isabella Flooring Concept, a well-thought design comprising of 5 steps which allow you to fully enjoy your caravanning holidays. Particularly for permanent pitchers, these floor tiles will be an invaluable addition to family holidays.

For the Permanent Pitcher who always stays in the same place and values comfort, a firm surface and easy cleaning highly, Isabella recommends: 

1. Isabella Ground Cover - to protect the awning from the mud.
2. Isabella Floor - for a firm, even floor. 
3. Isabella Ground Sheet - to prevent moisture from rising up from the ground.
4. Isabella Comfort Carpet - for an insulating, soft comfort.
5. Isabella Carpet - for a beautiful finish that is easy to keep clean. 


Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 3.5cm 
Weight: 2.5kg 
Colour: Black 




Product Type

  • Black
Product Type:
  • Floor

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