Isabella Capri North Full Caravan Awning

Isabella Capri North Full Awning (CarbonX Frame)

Get the touring awning which will protect you from the rain and the sun, while being lightweight and easy to put up. Get Capri North.

Isabella Capri North Full Caravan Awning

Lightweight awning - ideal for touring caravanners. 

This amazing full caravan awning comes with a handy and extremely useful depth of 2.5 metres (a little over 8 feet). Developed specifically for touring caravanners who are going to be pitching more than once, the Capri North is quick to erect and being lighter in weight is easier to transport.

The weight of the Capri North has been reduced due to the use of Isabella's IsaRoof Light 240g/m² roof canvas material which is especially suitable for touring. This material is also highly breathable which helps to keep the awning interior at a comfortable and pleasant temperature thanks to the UV-resistant polyester textile it is made of, which is further treated with three layers of breathable acrylic. 

The walls of Capri North, on the other hand, is made of Isabella's well-known Isacryl 295g/m²; their optimal, durable, breathable, fibre-dyed acrylic material. Isacryl has the highest achievable fade-resistance thanks to the pigmentation method. The density of the weave plus the impregnation all the way through prevents water ingress. Nevertheless, Isacryl is a breathable material, which facilitates the best possible indoor climate in the awning.

Since this material is so colourfast, it will keep your awning beautiful for a much longer time, and if it does get dirty it will be easier to clean. This is important since Isabella took meticulous care to make Capri North look fabulous. It is part of the North colour concept, i.e. subdued colours with clear references to Nordic nature. It comes in the following soothing colourway: Tweed Grey colourway of Commodore North

Commodore North - North Collection style

The Capri North has large tinted windows that have mosquito nets. This lets you open the windows for ventilation without having to worry about letting in the flies and any other insects particularly on hot sunny days - peace and relaxation is maintained. 

Further ventilation options are provided by the fact that the front and side panels can be either rolled down or completely removed and this awning comes with six doors, giving you flexibility in how you open and close your awning. There is also a front panel ventilation feature to help you on those hot summer days. As you can see below, you also receive a free veranda pole as standard with your Capri, which will allow you to drop down a half of one of your panels horizontally, leaving the top part opened and the bottom half-closed. Lastly, you are free to purchase some amazing optional extras; the front net will provide you with a mosquito mesh panel in either of your front panels for further ventilation (or on the whole of your front panel if you purchase two front nets!). Alternatively, you can also get an inner roof which will minimise condensation within your awning and keep it cool in hot weathers, while keeping it warm in lower temperatures. Read more about the extras here:

Optional Extras: 

Front Mesh Panel (only for frames G14-G20)

Extra ventilation with net front.

This brilliant product has been designed to give you maximum flexibility as well as insulation. The Net Front gives you the option of unzipping the entire front panel of the awning and replacing it with a net front. This is especially beneficial in a hot climate, where good ventilation is a must. The net front can be reversed and thus used in both the right and left sides. Only available for frame sizes G14-G20.

By the way, you can also purchase a Net Side for your Capri North by clicking here or in the 'Buy Together' tab above. It is just as useful as the Net Front, providing you with ventilation without the annoyance of bugs, but on the side rather than on the front! (Unlike the Front Mesh Panel, the Side Net can fit all the different sizes of the Capri North!)

Inner Roof

Recommended for camping in the off season.

If you use your awning in winter, condensation is bound to happen on the roof which is where warm air meets cold air outside of the awning. However, you can minimise this natural process within your awning with Isabella’s Inner Roof – a roof liner which is easy to install and will put the roof poles out of sight for a nicer look in your living space. It will absorb any condensation that forms and promote good thermal regulation within your awning. Isabella thought of everything, so there is a zip in the Inner Roof where you can have the lamp cables pulled out, allowing you to have nice warm light in your awning.

Take a look for yourself how easy it is to install with Isabella’s innovative Termo-Fix fittings:

If it does rain, however, Capri North is prepared for that too. Of course, the canvas materials are waterproof. Moreover, the sides and front canopy feature strips - which are usually only present on permanent pitching awnings. This useful design will stop the rain from getting inside of your oasis. 

Capri North comes as standard with: 

  • Cube Creme curtains 
  • Wheel arch cover 
  • Draught skirt 
  • Veranda pole 
  • FixOn 
  • Awning Bag 
  • Pole and peg bags including peg remover

Now you know that Capri North is the touring awning for you. All that you have left to decide is which frame will suit your needs more; Zinox or CarbonX.

The Zinox Steel frame is hot galvanised both inside and out to extend its life and to meet all load-bearing requirements. The steel frame is made of ISO-certified steel. The strength of the Zinox steel frame makes it particularly suitable for pitching your caravan permanently. Caravanning in the off-peak seasons demands great structural stability due to weather conditions such as strong winds and snow. This fabulous frame is supplied with T-Rex locking mechanism. It locks the poles in place and keeps them tensioned in all weather conditions with one press of the handgrip and a discreet "click". It is made up of 4 layers:

Zinox layers for Isabella Penta Flint

CarbonX frame, on the other hand, is a carbon-fibre reinforced fibreglass frame which is suitable for both permanent and touring caravanning, giving you the best of both worlds. Carbon Fibres are combined with glass fibres in varying amounts, according to pole diameters to offer maximum strength. The frame is light and fully corrosion resistant. All CarbonX frames are supplied with IsaFix locking mechanism. With IsaFix in place, keeping the frame in position is easy. With one press of the handgrip, a discreet "click" tells you IsaFix is locked in position. CarbonX is the most lightweight frame from Isabella, making it perfect for people who are constantly on the move (as you can see at the bottom of the page, this frame can decrease the weight of your Capri North by 10kg). CarbonX frame is made up of 6 layers:

CarbonX layers in Commodore Dawn/North


Depth: 250cm
Isabella size: 
      G10 - 675/700/725
      G12 - 750/775
      G13 - 800/825
      G14 - 850/875 
      G18 - 950/962/975/989
      G19 - 1000/1015/1025
      G20 - 1050/1075
      G21 - 1100/1125
      G22 - 1150/1175
      G23 - 1200/1225
      Choose the correct size for your caravan's 'A' measurement in the options.  (The 'A' measurement is the distance from the ground up and all the way around your caravan's
      awning rail and back down to the ground.)
Number of doors: 6
Canvas material:  Isacryl 295 g/m2
Roof material: IsaRoof Light 240 g/m2
Colour: Tweed/grey
Frame: CarbonX or Zinox
Panels: Removable/fold-down front and side panels 
Windows: Tinted
Mosquito net: In both side panels
Ventilation: Front ventilation

Capri North technical illustration

Look for yourself how easy it is to erect a 2.5-metre Isabella awning, such as Capri North: 

Capri North also fits optional AnnexesNorthGrey or Sand 250. You can find them by clicking on the hyperlinks or in the 'Buy Together' tab above. The annexes are great for increasing your living area whenever you need it. They are also useful for storage, and can even be used as an extra sleeping space for unexpected guests! Moreover, You can separate your Capri's space into two with a Partition Wall - this will improve the temperature homeostasis in both compartments (because temperatures fluctuate less in smaller rooms). On those hot summer days when you want to chill at the entrance of your awning - breathe in fresh air while being in the shade from the sun - an awning Door Canopy will prove useful for you!

To create your own sheltered corner on those warm stuffy days, Isabella recommends their brand new awning accessory: Cosy Corner. It attaches to either side of Capri North very easily and will allow you to have your own 'me' space. If you want to go all-in with a sheltered area for your whole familyEclipse Sun Canopy will be for you; it can be attached easily to either the front of the awning or straight onto the caravan (if you can't be bothered to erect an awning). In the off-seasons, on the other hand, you may want extra peace of mind with Storm Securing Set

*If you own an Eriba Touring or Feeling caravan, let us know via Contact Us tab, as there is a special version of Capri North specifically made for your vehicle.


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  • Tweed/grey
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  • Awning
  • Full Awning
  • Quick Pitch

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