Isabella Awning Door Canopy

Isabella Awning Door Canopy

Cover the front door of your Isabella awning with this brilliant canopy.

Isabella Awning Door Canopy

Create shelter at your front door. 

Who doesn't love to have the door open when chilling in an awning? However, it may not always be possible if it's raining - this is when this brilliant door canopy will come in useful. It will shelter the entrance to your oasis from rain and sun. 

This brilliant addition to your caravanning holidays is extremely easy to install. Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself:

The canopy will, of course, remain stable thanks to its strong steel poles. If the weather conditions turn too adverse though, it can be taken down just as quickly as it can be erected
Isabella cares about the appearance of its products; hence, the canopy models for Prisma, Penta and Universal were slightly altered to perfectly match your awning - simply specify in the options. 


Fits: Commodore, Ambassador, Capri North, Forum Etna + Also models made specially for Prisma, Penta and Universal 360 & 420
Manufacturer reference: 
Standard: 406000046
Penta: 406000195
Prisma: 406000208

Product Type

  • Black
Product Type:
  • Canopy