Isabella Penta Flint Full Caravan Awning

Isabella Penta Flint Full Caravan Awning

This permanent pitching friendly awning is in an awesome oval shape, which allows you to make the most of every inch of its 3.5m depth.

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Isabella Penta Flint Full Caravan Awning - 2020

Penta Flint is a perfect full caravan awning for permanent pitching - a 3.5m depth without the nuisance of a centre pole and designed so that every inch of space is used. It will give you the stability you need in all weathers, the spaciousness allowing you to have as many guests as you wish, and a multitude of natural light entering through the enormous front and side panel windows as well as the brand new innovative light strips in the middle of the roof. Moreover, the main front and side panel windows feature a frosted foil in their lower sections - this doesn't only make them look good, but also reinforces them, preventing tearing and damage.

The Penta Flint is produced in Isabella's well known Isacryl 295g/m², their optimal, durable, breathable, fibre-dyed acrylic material. Isacryl has the highest achievable fade-resistance thanks to the pigmentation method. The density of the weave plus the impregnation all the way through prevents water ingress. Nevertheless, Isacryl is a breathable material, which facilitates the best possible indoor climate in the awning.

The roof, on the other hand, is made of IsaRoof 285 g/m² - a UV acrylate coated polyester, with an added top coat in 2 layers. This perfect roof material will protect you from the sun, so you can find shelter in your Penta Flint. Moreover, another special feature of this amazing awning is the overhang all the way around, which will provide you with extra shelter outside the awning. This means, that you can unzip and remove your front and side panels when it's raining, without the water accessing the awning - perfect for those post-heat summer precipitations. 

This beautiful Penta awning is a part of the fabulous Flint collection: 

In the summer, you will appreciate the mosquito nets in both sides of the awning. They will allow you to breathe in the fresh air of the campsite/countryside from the comfort of your awning, without the annoyance of even the smallest bugs. As with previous models, you can find front panel ventilation at the top too, because Isabella cares about you catching the smallest breeze, even in the hottest weathers; they want you to feel fully comfortable. 

You have a choice between the Zinox frame and Zinox MegaFrame. Here is a little information about both to let you decide: 

The Zinox Steel frame is hot galvanised both inside and out to extend its life and to meet all load-bearing requirements. The steel frame is made of ISO-certified steel. The strength of the Zinox steel frame makes it particularly suitable for pitching your caravan permanently. Caravanning in the off-peak seasons demands great structural stability due to weather conditions such as strong winds and snow. 

Zinox MegaFrame supplies you with the highest possible strength, stability and durability in the most inclement weathers. It is a tubular steel frame (material thickness: 32mm/1.2mm so much wider than the standard Zinox) with welded corners and MegaFix on the poles. MegaFrame is designed for year-round use with a full awning which can remain standing all year and can withstand most powerful storms, snowfall and torrential rain. The Zinox MegaFrame is supplied with two extra rafter poles, as well as one Hercules Triple. This is a great deal from Isabella, as Hercules Triple is a brilliant product, improved even further for the new line. This device provides optimal tightening of the awning to ensure that the canvas is correctly tensioned. It counteracts wind noise and provides much greater stability of the whole awning! This in turn, not only makes your holidays even more enjoyable but it also extends the life of the awning as the load is evenly spread over all its parts.  The handle and swingarm are cast in aluminium, so Hercules Triple weighs just 250 g. This is definitely the frame to choose if you want to challenge your awning to the most adverse weather conditions. 

Both frames are made of 4 layers:

Zinox layers for Isabella Penta Flint

Penta Flint comes as standard with:

  • Collage Blue Curtains 
  • Veranda pole 
  • Draught skirt 
  • Wheel arch cover 
  • FixOn 
  • Pole and peg bags 
  • Awning bag
  • Peg remover


Depth: 350cm
Isabella sizes: 
G14 - 875
G16 - 900/915/925/940
G18 - 950/962/975/989
G19 - 1000/1015/1025
G20 - 1050/1075
G21 - 1100/1125
G22 - 1150/1175
G23 - 1200/1225
Choose the correct size for your caravan's 'A' measurement in the options.  (The 'A' measurement is the distance from the ground up and all the way around your caravan's awning rail and back down to the ground.)
Canvas material: Isacryl 295gm
Roof material: IsaRoof 285 g/m²
Veranda effect pole: Yes
Panels: The front, side and corner panels can be removed or folded down, depending on preference
Mosquito net: Provided as standard in both sides
Ventilation: Integrated Front Ventilation
Frame: Zinox MegaFrame or Zinox Steel Frame
Colour: Grey/Steel

Technical Illustration: 

Technical Illustration of Penta Flint

Front and side: 

Figures: Covers A-measurement from-to (cm).
Coloured dots: No. of rafter poles
Coloured line: Zip for removable and fold-down panels
Grey window: Ventilation net with foil cover

Base drawing:

Up/down arrows + number: Base depth in cm
A-measurement: Available in Isabella A-measurement from-to (cm) (only specified for full awnings)
Coloured line: Removable and fold-down panels
Black angles: Door openings
Weights of Penta Flint

Product Type

  • Grey/Steel
Product Type:
  • Awning
  • Full Awning