Isabella Winter Porch Awning

Isabella Winter Porch Awning

Enjoy winter in style, with this beautiful, durable and strong porch awning.

Isabella Winter Porch Awning

Winter awning in a class of its own. 

You can attach this awning to any caravan with rail height between 235-250cm. Once set up, you will get a 220cm width and 180cm depth - a perfect space for two. 

More and more people are catching on to the idea of winter camping as a great way to spend a holiday – possibly even the best way! However, this is also very demanding in terms of the equipment you bring with you.

Isabella designed the perfect awning for winter use. The following special features will be able to sustain even the heaviest snowstorms and low temperatures:

  • Two support poles press the sewn-in foam pads securely against the side of the caravan, while click profiles hold the sides directly on the support pole for a perfect seal and no draught.
  • Speaking of draught, a draught skirt and wheel arch cover are supplied as standard.
  • Extra-wide external mudflaps prevent the mud and water from getting inside your awning.
  • The mud-wall at the front panel is made of PVC for easy cleaning.
  • Flexible pegging, so you can peg easily, no matter how hard the soil is.
  • Special sloping roof which is necessary for year-round camping, to prevent the build-up of snow.
  • The canvas is made of easy-to-clean polyester/PVC material which will sustain the strongest rainfalls and snowstorms as it is intensely resilient and water-resistant material.
  • The windows are made of a heavy-duty film with a special frost-proof window foil.
  • Zipped ventilation can be found in both sides of the awning (in the top corners).
  • If you are planning on pitching in strong winds, Isabella recommends purchasing their storm securing kit which you can get from our website by clicking here.
  • The awning is supplied with a Zinox frame as standard. Zinox is hot galvanised both inside and out to extend its life and to meet all load-bearing requirements. The steel frame is made of ISO-certified steel. The strength of the Zinox steel frame makes it particularly suitable for pitching your caravan permanently. Caravanning in the off-peak seasons demands great structural stability due to weather conditions such as strong winds and snow. This fabulous frame is supplied with T-Rex locking mechanism. It locks the poles in place and keeps them tensioned in all weather conditions with one press of the handgrip and a discreet "click". Zinox is made of 4 levels, all created with utmost precision: 

Zinox layers for Isabella Penta Flint

Isabella also thought about how their Winter Porch looks, which is why it features the classic Isabella circle windows and comes in the beautiful shades of Granite/Steel

As with all Isabella porch awnings, you get the perfect seal to the caravan and a quick pitch. Take a look for yourself how easy Winter Porch is to set up:

Winter Porch comes as standard with: 

  • Bowline Grey curtains 
  • Draught skirt 
  • Wheel arch cover 
  • FixOn
  • Awning bag 
  • Pole and peg bag, including peg remover 


Depth: 180cm
Width: 220cm
Use: Year-round
Fits: Caravans with an awning rail height of between 235-250cm
Mud wall material: PVC 
Canvas material: PVC/Polyester
Doors: In both sides
Ventilation: Zipped in top corners on each side
Frame: Zinox
Colour: Granite/Steel
Weight (including frame): 27.5kg
Manufacturer reference: 167202403

Technical Illustration:

Isabella Winter Porch awning technical illustration
Front and side illustration:

Red dots: No. of rafter poles
Coloured line: Zip for removable and fold-down panels

Base Drawing:

Up/down arrows + number: Base depth in cm
Left/right arrows + number Base width in cm
Coloured line: Removable and fold-down panels
Black angles: Door openings

Optional extras:

Inner roof 

Recommended for camping in the offseason.

If you use your awning in winter, condensation is bound to happen on the roof which is where warm air meets cold air outside of the awning. However, you can minimise this natural process within your awning with Isabella’s Inner Roof – a roof liner which is easy to install and will put the roof poles out of sight for a nicer look in your living space. It will absorb any condensation that forms and promote good thermal regulation within your awning. Isabella thought of everything, so there is a zip in the Inner Roof where you can have the lamp cables pulled out, allowing you to have nice warm light in your awning.

Take a look for yourself how easy it is to install with Isabella’s innovative Termo-Fix fittings:

Winter securing kit 

If you dream of camping in the winter, we recommend that you use the winter securing set, which protects the awning and frame in heavy snowfall. Allowing you to enjoy the peaceful beauty of great outdoors around you, in confidence that your awning is safe and secure! 

It consists of two additional rafter poles, FixOn II and three support poles. The included FixOn II helps rapidly and simply attach your support poles for instant protection.  

The poles are made from tensile strength Zinox, like the rest of the winter awning frames.

Manufacturer reference: 900000001
*If you own an Eriba Nova or a Burstner Plus, let us know via Contact Us tab, as there is a special version of Winter Porch specifically made for your vehicle.

Product Type

  • Granite/Steel
Product Type:
  • Awning
  • Porch Awning

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