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Yellowstone Flameless Cook Pouch

Yellowstone Flameless Cook Pouch

Perfect for travellers and explorers looking to travel light. This compact set allows you to rapidly, efficiently and effectively cook meals.  Without needing a flame this cooking method is safe and extremely easy to use, there is no need to battle with the rain or wind. Using the cooking pouches simply add water to the heat pack for long-duration, high heat cooking. 
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Yellowstone Flameless Cook Pouch 

This Flameless Cook Puch is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, mountaineers, backpackers, hikers, campers, scouts, and guides. It creates a hot meal with the minimum of fuss and in safe conditions heat and cook food using the water activated heat pack. It uses no gas or petrol to create heat, making it far safer and simpler than other current cooking methods. Can be used inside a tent or confined space, as it produces no carbon monoxide.

This product comes with 5 disposable cooking pouches and 5 Super Power Heat packs. Following the instructions included simply add water to activate the heat packs and cook your food rapidly, efficiently and effectively. 

 Contains:  5 x Sealable Cooking Pouches and 5x Super Power Heat Packs 



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