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Westfield Aircolite 120 Table

Westfield Aircolite 120 Table

The table is finished off with a 5 year warranty, which is longer than all of its rivals and gives you extra piece of mind, and helps prove just haw well produced this table is.

5 year warranty
Exclusive honeycomb Aircolite table top
 Fully weatherproof
Independently adjustable legs
 Extremely strong
Heat resistant to 180 degrees centigrade
Burn resistant
Scratch resistant
 Load spreading feet
Easy to clean
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Westfield Aircolite 120 Table

This is a premium table packed full of features which elevate from all its rivals. Firstly it looks like a premium product, the finish on the frame and tabletop set it apart from the rest. The frame is a 28mm aluminium frame giving it extra strength, whilst helping to keep the weight down and giving it a weatherproof frame. The frame is finished off in a premium matt finish which not only looks great adds durability to the frame meaning it will last longer and stay looking great for longer as well.
The tabletop is made from an exclusive lightweight wooden Aircolite material which helps keep the weight down, whilst ensuring strength and durability. The table is completely sealed all the way around ensuring it s fully water and weatherproof so no worries about it getting wet. Even if the trim was pulled off the materials used are all weatherproof and the bindings and glue and waterproof as well giving you extra defence against the weather. The tabletop is so durable that it is fully weatherproof, cigarette resistant, burn resistant (to 180 degrees centigrade), scratch resistant, mark resistant and easy to clean all of which makes the table look better and last longer.

Each leg is independent and adjustable which allows you to get the table level no matter what the ground is like. The pegs have load spreading feet on them as well ensuring it doesn’t sink into the ground. The use of the independent leg adjusters and the solid sealed tabletop makes this table extremely sturdy when in use, perfect when being used outdoors. The legs are set out so you can sit right next to the table, even at the ends giving you the maximum use of space. The table can be used at any height between 58 - 76 cm. which is over 4cm. higher than most tables which makes it even easier and more comfortable to sit under when dining at the table. The legs fold away easily when not in use and are held in place with the exclusive and very secure tru-lock system.

 Tabletop : Aircolite lightweight wooden top
Frame: Premium matt finish aluminium
Table size : 120 x 80 cm.
Height: 61 - 76 cm.
Folded size: 120 x 80 x 8 cm.
Weight: 11.3 kg.
Max load: 50 kg.

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