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Waeco CFX50 Portable Compressor Fridge/Freezer/Cool Box

Waeco CFX50 Portable Compressor Fridge/Freezer/Cool Box

Domestic Waeco CFX-50 Cool Box is a spacious portable fridge/freezer with electronic thermostat, USB port and storage capacity of 46 litres. It is suitable for solar operation and can turbo freeze food products and liquids while being classed as A++ energy efficient device. Last one left in stock!

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Waeco CFX50 Portable Cool Box

The Dometic Waeco Coolfreeze CFX50 is built to provide an enduring, durable and effective performance even in the harshest or warmest of conditions the Waeco CoolFreeze CFX50 Portable Freezer is a heavy-duty freezer cool box with an accommodating 46 litres for storage (inc. 8.5 litres for fresh food). It comes with a removable wire basket for storing both fresh food and frozen goods since the temperature can be regulated between +10 °C to -22 °C on the electronic thermostat with digital temperature display. This device also has a function of WIFI control, which might come indispensable when camping.

Due to its robust and space-efficient design, the Waeco CFX50 Portable Freezer Cool Box is ideal for caravans, motor homes or trips in demanding environments. The CFX50 Portable Freezer Cool Box also features extra-strong insulation and a specially designed compressor which enable the CFX50 Cool Box to use an efficiently low amount of energy. It possesses a 3-stage battery monitor for protection of the vehicle's battery and is suitable for vehicles with a single battery. Most importantly, it is suitable for solar operation, so if the conditions are warm, the solar power can keep this Cool Box running indefinitely. This solar power can also be transformed to charge your phone and other electronic devices via the USB port. The interior contains an energy-efficient LED to keep the contents visible even in darkness, without expending energy.

Unsurprisingly, this amazing product is classed as A++ in energy efficiency rating. Waeco CFX50 also has the function of turbo cooling – meaning you can quickly freeze goods or liquids if needed, but without damaging the products thanks to soft start technology.

This game-changing device can be used for several purposes; festivals, camping, caravanning, or otherwise travelling, and also for home use, especially during the summer or a power outage. However, this list of uses is not exhaustive - it can be useful for everyone due to the multitude of functions it possesses. 

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  • 46-litre storage
  • Normal refrigeration and freezing: +10 to -22.
  • 12/24 volts DC and 100-240 volts AC
  • Suitable for solar operation
  • Energy efficiency class A++
  • Electronic thermostat with digital temperature display
  • Energy-efficient LED interior light
  • 3 stage battery monitors for protection of vehicle battery
  • A USB port for charging a phone or a small device
  • Removable wire basket
  • Fully hermetic WAECO compressor with integrated AC electronics
  • Weight: 20.4kg
  • Dimensions: Length 721mm x Width 455mm x Height 471mm
  • CF special electronics
  • Suitable for both fresh food and frozen goods
  • Suitable for vehicles with a single battery
  • Turbo cooling with soft start
  • Space-saving folding and detachable carrying handles
  • Heavy Duty
  • Wifi control



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Product Type:
  • Cooler