Ventura Air Cito W350 Awning

Ventura Air Cito W350 Awning

Full of light, elegant, curved caravan porch air awning which has double beading, allowing it to be attached to wind-out canopies on motorhomes, giving you the ultimate travel experience.

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Ventura Air Cito W350 - part of Isabella 2020

Elegant and curved caravan porch with great light influx.

An inflatable air awning with great natural light inflow thanks to large windows in front and side panels, as well as double light panels in the roof. Not only the natural light makes it comfortable; the generous depth of 260cm and 350cm width will provide a spacious living room for the whole family. Air Cito W350 has double beading (4 and 6mm), meaning it can not only be attached to caravans but also wind-out canopies on motorhomes, as long as they have the rail height between 235-250cm.

FREE DELIVERY WITHIN THE UK ON ALL ISABELLA AWNINGS ONLY FROM AWNINGS DIRECT! (Note that you may be contacted about a small delivery fee if you live in Highlands and Islands)

Being inflatable with Ventura's Advanced Air System,  you will find Cito W350 incredibly easy to put up because the system comes with patented coupling modules to ensure proper attachment and easy adjustment and replacement. Of course, a double air pump is supplied with the awning as standard.  

On the days when you prefer to have your oasis dim and cosy, the beautiful Luxor white curtains which hang on the curtain poles can be closed shut. You are also free to remove all the front and side panels and even fold them down halfway thanks to the veranda pole which is included with Cito as standard. The veranda option makes this awning airy, cosy and bright. LED strips can also provide you with a full-of-light environment inside your Cito on those darker days and evenings; indeed, this awning features brilliant attachments for the LED strips (not included). 

The entrances to Cito can be found in both side panels; for comfortable indoor climate, Ventura equipped the doors with mosquito nets for your comfort. Although ventilation is important, you do not want draughts to be going through your living area; hence, Cito features unique Draught excluder air tube which prevents draughts by ensuring a tight fit to the vehicle

Moreover, the guy straps are reflective and in the corners, they are kept neatly in pockets in the fabric. These don't only look nice but also secure the awning. What also secures the Cito W350 are the aluminium rear legs.

To promote the indoor climate in your awning, Ventura Cito walls are made of the revolutionary IsaLite 195g/m² which is as breathable as it is waterproof. It is also remarkably light - making it perfect for touring and facilitating the set-up. Moreover, IsaLite is very easy to maintain - you can clean it easily thanks to its external coating.

The roof of Ventura, on the other hand, is made with one of Isabella's finest; IsaRoof Light 240g/m² which, as the name suggests, is lightweight; hence, it is especially suitable for touring. This material is also highly breathable which helps to keep the awning interior at a comfortable and pleasant temperature thanks to the UV-resistant polyester textile it is made of, which is further treated with three layers of breathable acrylic.  

Supplied as standard with:

  • Luxor white curtains 
  • Curtain poles 
  • Draught excluder with Air tube 
  • Advanced Air System 
  • Veranda pole 
  • Reflective guy straps 
  • Double air pump 
  • Aluminium rear leg poles 


Depth: 260cm 
Width: 350cm 
Fits: Caravans or motorhomes with rail height between 235-250cm
Beading diameter options: 4 & 6mm
Wall material: IsaLite 195g/m²
Roof material: IsaRoof Light 240 g/m²
Removable panels: Both front and side 
Doors: 2, one in each side panel 
Mosquito net: In both doors
Mudflap: Internal 
Frame: Air Tubes
Colours: Antracite
Manufacturer reference: 177103508
Weight: 31.2kg
Ventura Air Cito W350 Technical Illustration


Front and side: 

Figures: Covers A-measurement from-to (cm).
Coloured dots: No. of rafter poles
Coloured line: Zip for removable and fold-down panels
Grey window: Ventilation net with foil cover

Base drawing:

Up/down arrows + number: Base depth in cm
Left/right arrows + number: Base width in cm
Coloured line: Removable and fold-down panels
Dotted outline: Canopy
Black angles: Door openings

Optional Extra: Attachable Flooring

It would be hard for you to find a groundsheet for such a spacious awning; so, why not purchase one together with the awning? No hassle, no fuss. The floor is fitted and attaches to the awning with adhesive tape.
Material: PVC
Colour: Grey
Manufacturer reference: 730003508


Ventura is a basic range of tents and awnings in the Isabella family. The range is inspired by the simple life – uncomplicated and with a focus on basic needs. Sturdy materials that stand up to the rigours of use. And just a few carefully considered, tried-and-tested features.

  • Ventura is a good place to start if you’re not looking for the ultimate, which the Isabella range otherwise represents.
  • What you see is what you get: a simple design and good quality. And at a price that makes camping accessible to everyone.
  • The range has been created to go perfectly with Isabella accessories.



Product Type

  • Antracite/Ice-Grey/Blue
Product Type:
  • Awning
  • Inflatable Air Awnings
  • Inflatable