Quest Caravan Cover Pro

Quest Caravan Cover Pro

Exceptionally practical Caravan Cover features reinforced straps and a sturdy 3 ply material ensure maximum protection from the elements.

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Quest Caravan Cover Pro

Size Guide:

This breathable caravan cover comes in a range of 6 different sizes:

Length of Caravan Suitable Cover Size
360 - 420 cm  S
420 - 510 cm  M
510 - 570 cm  L
570 - 630 cm  XL
630 - 690 cm  XXL
690 - 750 cm  XXXL

In order to pick the perfect size cover, measure from the widest point at the back of the caravan to the widest part at the front of the caravan. 


Breathable - The cover is breathable helping stop condensation building up and mould forming on your caravan.

Dual Zips - There are zips to the front and back of the cover, allowing quick and easy access to your door, no matter where it is. They also allow you access to the handrails on your caravan which makes it easier to move without having to remove the cover. The cover is also easier to put on and take off as it can be opened up from both sides. 

Reinforced Straps - Stronger and longer-lasting, they are easily tightened which makes putting the cover on and off, quick and easy. 

Storage Bag - Comes complete with a practical storage bag.

UV Stable - The cover is protected against UV damage which protects the cover and your caravan from the suns damaging rays. The protection also helps the cover last longer. 

Tailored Fit - This means the cover fits tighter, giving better protection from the elements, 

3 Ply Fabric - The first (inner) layer is a softer material which gives extra protection to your caravan. This is the layer that touches your caravan and helps cushion the entire caravan when in use. The second (middle) layer is the breathable layer which helps protect the caravan from moisture, mould, algae and condensation. 
The third (outer) layer is a more durable UV coated layer which gives you the added protection from the weather and helps keep your caravan looking great for longer.

Ensure your Caravan is clean before use as small bits of road debris and dirt will damage your caravan. 


Product Type

  • Green
Product Type:
  • Caravan Cover