Niglon 40amp Residual Current Device

Niglon 40amp Residual Current Device

A safety device to be used in electrical installations with high earth impedance to prevent shock. 

Niglon 40 Amp Earth-Leakage Breaker RCD2-40/30

1P + N. 2 Module 
40A 30A

This Residual-Current Device (RCB) will quickly break an electrical circuit in your caravan to prevent harm from an ongoing electric shock. It works by comparing the current entering the appliance via the live wire with the current leaving the device through the neutral wire; the difference in the residual electric current - if it is too high, the device will interrupt the circuit. 

This appliance is specifically an Eart-Leakage Circuit Breaker. an RCB which is to be used in electrical installations with high Earth impedance i.e. the electrical installation that you use to get electricity in your caravan at the campsite. It is sensible to always use this certified appliance for safety. 


Max Rating: 40A, 230V 
Tripping current: 30mA 
Breaking Capacity: 10kA 
Cable Capacity: 25mm²
Standard of Compliance: BS EN61008-1
Certified: SEMCO & CE 
Dimensions: 35 x 83 x 66mm (Width x Height x Depth) 
Type: AC 
Manufacturer reference: RCD2-40/30

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  • White
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  • Electrical
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