Kampa Limpet Suction Driveaway Kit

Kampa Limpet Suction Drive-Away Kit

6mm Keder to Limpet fix System - the easiest way to attach your driveaway awning to your motorhome/campervan.


Kampa Limpet Suction Driveaway Kit - 2020 

One of 3 Kampa's Drive-Away Kit options which allow you to securely attach your freestanding awning to your vehicle. 

Limpet solution is the quickest and easiest method. The limpets attach through pre-cut holes and fasten to a smooth surface. This allows the vehicle to be disconnected from the awning by simply releasing the limpets.


  • 3 metres of 150mm 6mm Keder (wide connection) strip
  • 6 x limpet fix suction pads
  • 3 x 100cm (300cm) figure of 8 extrusion
  • Can be cut to length

Manufacturer reference: AC0313


Product Type

Product Type:
  • Drive Away

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