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Kampa Limpet Hole Punch

Kampa Limpet Hole Punch

If you require extra holes/holes in different places to attach your static awning to your motorhome via Limpets,  this brilliant Hole Punch will do the trick.
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Kampa Limpet Hole Punch

Add holes for additional Limpet Fix System attachments. 

When you make a good decision and purchase a Kampa air awning for your motorhome, you might want it to be static, not driveaway - fair enough, they are extremely durable, good-looking and comfortable to be in. To attach the back walls to your motorhome, you will need Limpets; these black circles come in a pack of 8, so the exact amount needed to mount the awning onto your motorhome. 

The Kampa static motorhome awnings come with holes in them, so all you need is to purchase the brilliant Limpets and you're ready to attach your awning to the motorhome via strong suction, without leaving marks on either of your precious holiday essentials. However, if your motorhome has decals or stickers in the places where the pre-made holes are in the awning, you should not use Limpets on there (because then both the Limpets and the decals would break/wear off). 

What do you do then? Purchase this brilliant Limpet Hole Punch. It will allow you to make the holes for your Limpets in places where the motorhome does not have any decals/stickers, protecting your awning, Limpets and motorhome. 

This strong hole punch has many other uses - you can use it on many fabrics, creating perfect holes without damaging the rest of the material. 

Special features of Limpet Hole Punch:

  • Designed to punch holes ready to fit Limpet Fix System suction pads 
  • Any pre-2017 Kampa awning can now benefit from Limpet Fix
  • Easily add extra holes where necessarey 
  • Produces 8mm diameter holes 
  • Punch plate rotates to avoid premature wear from cutting tube 
  • Punches precise holes through mont awning and tent fabrics
  • Can be used as a hole punch for many other purposes
  • Easy to use tool 
  • Can be used on other awning brands and on several awning and tent fabrics 
  • Small and compact for travelling 
  • Allows you to customise your awning 


Produces: 8mm diameter holes 
Can be used on: Most awning and tent fabrics
Colour: Silver
Manufacturer reference: AC0322

Product Type

  • Silver
Product Type:
  • Parts & Spares

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