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Kampa Grande AIR Pro

Kampa Grande AIR Pro 330 Caravan Awning

Quick to set-up, 3 metres deep, Dual Pitch roof system, flyscreen panels and a classic design make this beautiful awning the thing to have and the place to be on your holidays.
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Kampa Grande AIR Pro 330

Double the liveable space of your pitch. 

Relax and unwind in Europe's favourite awning: Grande AIR Pro. It is extremely easy to erect, so you can spend more time enjoying your holidays with family, rather than wasting effort on setting up. Look for yourself how easy it is with Kampa's revolutionary Single Inflation System:

Moreover, Grande Pro's canvas are made of Kampa's well-known Weathershield Pro, which is a double-coated polyester fabric. It is not only strongbreathable and waterproof (tested with 200l/m² of water), but also easy to clean and maintain. On top of that, it is lightweight, meaning that Grande AIR Pro will be easy to tour with (the 330 Grande AIR Pro weighs only 26.5kg!). 

With Kampa's revolutionary Dual-Pitch roof apex, Grande AIR Pro offers a unique aesthetic as well as a very tall headroom, to increase your comfort when entering and exiting your oasis. It features an apex mesh ventilation for your comfort on hot summer days. Indeed, Grande AIR Pro will provide you with a plentiful ventilation supply, thanks to the flyscreen panels in the right-hand side window, as well as both left and right side doors. Of course, if you want to keep your awning dim and snug in the evenings, you can close the curtains (included as standard) on the windows, to prevent sunlight from entering.

Features Kampa Grande AIR Pro

WeatherShield Pro - Market-leading fabric. Kampa's iconic fabric has proved itself time and time again. The UV protection and the coating of this fabulous fabric make it market-leading.

Dual Pitch Roof System - Another brand new innovation from Kampa. Thanks to this technology Grande Air has much higher interior headroom, making Kampa awnings more spacious and usable (especially for tall people!) than any other inflatable awning on the market.

Single Point Inflation - No awning is quicker or easier than a Kampa AIR.  This amazing awning can be inflated from a single spot - no additional poles to inflate and insert - the whole awning will inflate through one valve because Kampa cares for you enjoying your holidays to the fullest, instead of spending time and effort on inflating every single beam in your awning. 

Quick Pitch - A Kampa time-saving innovation. No more messing around with guylines on your holidays; the heavy-duty straps replace traditional guy ropes with a unique twist - they can be pegged out in seconds. Simply peg so that the bottom strap is taught and adjust the top straps with the buckle to apply tension. 

Limpet Ready - An ingenious way of attaching the rear wall of your awning to your caravan. Grande Air Pro is Limpet Fix Ready. This means that you can simply attach the Limpet through the pre-cut holes in the rear of the awning and fasten to a smooth caravan surface. There are 4 holes on each side of the awning and Limpets come in a pack of 8. Extra holes, to suit your caravan, can be made using the Kampa Limpet Hole Punch. You can purchase the indispensable Limpets for your awning by clicking here.

SabreLINK Ready - An exciting accessory for your awning. This lovely lighting system ensures you're never in the dark. The system allows you to link up to 3 lights together - that's 450 LED's! Grande AIR Pro, like all of Kampa's AirFrame awnings, is SabreLINK ready and can accept lights on the front of AirPoles and also the centre poles. 

Special features: 

  • Double coated Weathershield™ Pro fabric
  • TPU AirFrame with one-point inflation
  • Dual-Pitch Roof System
  • Seams hot air taped
  • Windows - Crystal Clear for a great view out
  • Curtains on all windows
  • Large flyscreen in left-hand side window
  • QuickPitch™ webbing straps - stronger and quicker than guylines
  • Zips: Kampa heavy duty no. 10 with weather protection
  • Mud flaps - internal with pegging eyelets
  • Seal to caravan - bumper pads with optional rear upright poles or Limpet™ Fix System
  • Draught skirt - included to keep draughts out from under the caravan
  • Zip-out side panels
  • Roll-to-side front panels
  • Skylights in roof
  • Oversized carry bag
  • AccessoryTrack™ - ready to accept optional equipment
  • SabreLink™ Ready - easy fitment of SabreLink™ lighting
  • Mesh Panel Ready - The zip-in panels fit behind the front panels and can remain in place
  • Limpet™ Fix System Ready
  • Complete with our high volume Downdraught pump

Grande AIR Pro comes as standard with:

  • Draught skirt
  • Curtains
  • Hand pump 
  • Pegs 


Fits: Caravans with rail height between 235-250cm 
Width: 330cm
Depth: 300cm
The highest point at the front: 185cm 
Pack size: 99 x 56 x 33cm (Length x Width x Height)
Weight: 27kg
Minimum weight: 19.5kg 
Material: Weathershield Pro 
Removable panels: Both side panels (front panels can be rolled to side but not removed) 

Optional Extras: 


The optional extension can be fitted to either or both sides of the awning. Simply zip-on and inflate from a single point. Each extension increases the total awning width by 1.9 m whilst maintaining the awning's generous height and depth. 

This brilliant addition to your awning is made of the same strong material as Grande Air Pro; Weathershield Pro. It comes as standard with curtains, pegs and a carry bag to further facilitate the easy process of setting it up. Toggle-in the optional inner tent for an additional sleeping space.

Width: 190cm 
Depth: 290cm
Pack size: 85 x 33 x 33cm
Weight: 12.7kg
Material: Weathershield Pro
Model number: 
Left-hand side: AA0008
Right-hand side: AA0009

Pro AIR Tall Annexe 

Whether you need some extra storage space or an additional bedroom for your guests, this annexe will do the trick. It will particularly prove suitable to get the best night's sleep thanks to the included inner tent (which is usually only available separately!).

This 180 x 190cm extension of your living space will not overload your luggage when travelling, as when packed the annexe is lightweight and compact in size. 

It will also not waste your holiday time on setting up, as this brilliant annexe is easily inflatable just like the annexe. To further help instalment, it comes with pegs, and a dividing curtain is included as standard so you can separate the annexe from the awning main body if you wish. 

This amazing annexe will sustain harsh weather conditions just like Grande Air Pro, thanks to the Weathershield Pro material it is made of. 

Width: 190cm 
Depth: 180cm 
Connection height: 186cm 
Pack size: 67 x 25 x 25cm 
Weight: 7.72kg 
Material: Weathershield Pro
Model number: CE7379

Pro AIR Annexe 

If you mainly require an extra sleeping space on some of your caravanning adventures, Pro Air Annexe will prove a useful addition to your holidays. 

With the inner tent included as standard, it will make a perfect additional bedroom. Moreover, the sloped roof will create a cosy sleeping oasis. The dark materials (Weathershield Pro, of course), generous 220cm width, and plentiful ventilation will create ideal conditions for good night's sleep.

Width: 220cm 
Depth: 180cm 
Connection height: 186cm 
Pack size: 67 x 25 x 25cm 
Weight: 6.8kg 
Material: Weathershield Pro
Model number: CE7311

Pro AIR Conservatory

If you require an extended living space on some days, but not on others, Pro Conservatory is for you. It will create a generous 1.9 x 1.8m space at either side of your awning when you need extra room to accommodate more guests. It will certainly be a comfortable room to be in, thanks to windows on all sides (with curtains included) and roof and maximum height. It will be easy to install whenever you need it. Pro Conservatory comes in a carry bag which will ease transportation. 

If you prefer the conservatory to be a separate room, it comes with a dividing curtain as standard which will allow you to do that.

Width: 190cm 
Depth: 180cm 
Connection height: 186cm 
Pack size: 72 x 30 x 20cm 
Weight: 9.6kg 
Material: Weathershield Pro
Model number: CE7380

Mesh Panel Set

Simply zip the mesh in behind the awning panel to keep insects out and add shaded comfort. The tiny perforations will allow the breeze in while keeping the annoying bugs out when you want to chill in your awning.

Model number: 
330: CE7393
390: CE7394


Tough non-breathable awning footprints reduce condensation when pitched on wet ground, so if you wish to erect your awning shortly after rain, this accessory is for you.

In the options, you can purchase a footprint for your awning, as well as a footprint made for Annexe or Extension.

Model number: 
330: AA4005
390: AA4006
Extension: AA4007
Annexe: AA4025

Continental Carpet 

Transform your awning into a true extension of your vehicle's interior space. Continental Carpet will not only make your Grande Air Pro feel nice and cosy, but it is also a hard-wearing, breathable, UV stabilised strong material which will not damage the grass underneath while giving you protection from it.

Model number: 
330: 111757
390: 111756
Extension: 111758

Roof Lining 

Recommended for early and late season use to minimise the effect of condensation. 

Insulate the roof and regulate the interior temperature. This brilliant zipped roof lining provides an optional skylight cover. 

Model number:
330: AA1001
390: CE7422



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Product Type:
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  • Awning
  • Awning Annex
  • Awning Extension
  • Conservatory
  • Curtains
  • Draught Skirt
  • Inflatable Air Awnings
  • Inner Tent
  • Porch Awning