Isabella Windscreen Linea

Isabella Windscreen Linea & Ventus

Modern-looking windbreaks will protect you from the wind without excluding you from the campsite life!

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Isabella Windscreen Linea & Ventus 

Create shelter from the wind around your awning, Camp-let or even in your garden with an Isabella windscreen. 

These 4-sided windbreaks from Isabella will do a perfect job in protecting you and your family from the wind when you relax in your garden, on the campsite, or during your caravanning adventures. You will be able to enjoy this comfortable outdoor space almost instantly as both Linea & Ventus are very easy to assemble.

These wonderful windscreens are 110cm tall and 460cm long, allowing you to create a large sheltered area. The dogs will have plenty of space to run around in! 

Both Linea & Ventus are made of Granite/Black Acrylic with PVC - the same strong and long-lasting materials which Isabella uses for its other products, making the windscreens a perfect accessory to an Isabella awning - you will know that the windscreen will be just as high in quality and reliable as the awning itself! 

The two windscreens differ in the middle material - Linea features a tinted foil, while Ventus contains a net material. Both will protect you from the wind, with the net material in Ventus letting through some air for comfort during very hot weathers. Both windbreaks will not exclude you from life on the campsite; you will still be able to keep an eye on what is happening around you through these transparent materials.

The rest of these brilliant windscreens is made of strong Acrylic. Lastly, Linea and Ventus feature a mudwall made of PVC for easy cleaning

Both windscreens come with CarbonX poles.  They are made of a carbon-fibre reinforced fibreglass which is suitable for both permanent and touring caravanning, giving you the best of both worlds. Carbon Fibres are combined with glass fibres in varying amounts, according to pole diameters to offer maximum strength. The frame is light and fully corrosion resistant. This allows the windscreens to weigh less than 6kg, allowing easy transportation. No corrosion will also make the poles last for a very long time. All CarbonX frames are supplied with IsaFix locking mechanism. With IsaFix in place, keeping the frame in position is easy. With one press of the handgrip, a discreet "click" tells you IsaFix is locked in position. CarbonX frame is made up of 6 layers:

CarbonX layers in Commodore Dawn/North

Stabilo System

The Stabilo-system consists of loose earth spikes and support feet. The system ensures that windscreens remain securely in place at all times. The system is supplied as standard with all windscreens, though the support feet are also available separately for use with awnings.

Linea & Ventus windscreens come as standard with:

  • CarbonX poles (including rafter poles)
  • Guy ropes 
  • Pegs 
  • Stabilo system


Number of sides: 4
Measurements: 460 x 110cm 
Weight: 5.6kg
Material: Acrylic/PVC and:
Linea: Tinted foil 
Ventus: Net material 
Poles: CarbonX
Colours: Black/Granite
Manufacturer reference: 
Linea: 401300453
North: 401300463



Product Type

  • Granite/Black
Product Type:
  • Windbreak