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Isabella Storm Tape & Peg

Isabella Storm Securing Set

Secure your Isabella awning with this superb Storm tape and Peg set. It will not only prevent it from damage or even flowing away in a storm, but also protect your awning from wear in otherwise adverse weather conditions. We recommend purchasing 2 or even 3 sets to cover both corners and also the centre. Can be installed either inside or outside of the awning.
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Isabella Storm Securing Set 

Tie-down tape and 40cm long peg set.

Storm Tape with Peg is designed to go from the top of the roof front or top of the front corners to the floor. You can tell that this high-quality, strong, almost unbreakable tape is from Isabella - the leading manufacturer. The secret is, that it is embossed with a ratchet type tightener.

Supplied individually, but we recommend purchasing more - one for each corner and perhaps an additional one for the centre.

This extra security will protect your awning in strong winds, a storm and otherwise adverse weather circumstances. 

This amazing product will not only secure and stabilise your awning in strong winds, but will also prevent wear on the canvas. These amazing, reliable, heavy storm straps can be fitted either inside or outside of the awning. 


What's included in one set:

  • 1 peg (40cm long)
  • Storm tape
Manufacturer reference: 900060195


Product Type

Product Type:
  • Pegs / Straps / Ties

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