Isabella Stool/Footstool & Table Top

Isabella Stool/Footstool & Table Top

With this brilliant pack, you get a stool to sit on, a footstool to put your feet up, a table top which can be used as a tray and a small table if you combine these two high-quality products.

Isabella Stool/Footstool & Table Top 

Place the table top on top of the folded-out stool/footstool and you have a table – as simple as that!

For this low price, you get two amazing products; a stool/footstool and a tabletop. With this combination, you get several uses.

The stool is lightweight (less than a kilogram!) thanks to its aluminium frame and hence easy to take with you wherever you travel. It is also compact and collapsible, making it even easier to carry around with you everywhere. You can fold and unfold it easily. Once unfolded, it will prove to be an easeful stool to sit on, or a useful footstool to put your feet up (literally) and relax; this is all thanks to the comfortable polyweave material this product is made of.

If you place the included Table Top upon the Stool, you get a brilliant, small, transportable table. Moreover, Table Top by itself can be used as a handy tray to carry drinks and food for your friends and family! Take a look for yourself: 



Weight: 0.9kg
Load: 80kg
Frame: Aluminium
Material: Polyweave (60% PVC coating and 40% polyester)
Colour: Black
Manufacturer reference: 700006201

Table Top 

Weight: 0.8kg 
Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 3.5cm 
Colour: Grey 
Manufacturer reference: 700006217



Product Type

  • Black
  • Grey
Product Type:
  • Chair
  • Stool
  • Table
  • Table Top