Isabella Eclipse Sun Canopy

Isabella Eclipse Sun Canopy

Multifunctional, large, easy to install sun canopy which can be fitted onto either a caravan or a full Isabella awning. Comes with many perks as standard.

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Isabella Eclipse Sun Canopy - 

One sun canopy - two functions. 

This brilliant sun canopy will provide you with a lovely sheltered area for you to enjoy your holidays from. It is multifunctional; it can be mounted straight onto the caravan, or an Isabella full awning. 

You will certainly have plenty of space for you and your family under this beautiful beige material, as Eclipse has a generous depth of 225cm. If you require a slightly smaller sheltered space, check out Mini Eclipse Sun Canopy.

This roof is not only good looking but also lightweight, as it is made of Isabella's well-known IsaRoof Light 240g/m². Thanks to its lightness, it makes Eclipse ideal for touring and will not overload your cargo in your travels. Check out the weights of Eclipse for different sizes at the bottom - they are as low as 8.6kg including the (ultralight CarbonX) frame! IsaRoof Light 240g/m² is also highly breathable which helps to keep the Eclipse's interior at a comfortable and pleasant temperature thanks to the UV-resistant polyester textile it is made of, which is further treated with three layers of breathable acrylic.  This sun canopy is therefore perfect for protecting you from the sun.

Eclipse Sun Canopy is incredibly easy to install, thanks to the Tectum Pro system on the frame. It is a revolutionary connection system for simple click assembly. If you are planning on mounting the Eclipse onto your Isabella full awning, all you need to do is to install F-links to the awning's poles, which will allow you to attach Eclipse's frame firmly to the awning. See the instructions for erecting the Eclipse in the Attachments tab, or take a look at the video: 

You are sure that Eclipse will reliably stand in its place when you install Typhoon storm sashes to it - they come with the sun canopy as standard and will protect it from unexpected inclement weather conditions. 

Eclipse comes as standard with: 

  • Frame; you have a choice between CarbonX and Zinox MegaFrame
  • Tectum Pro system 
  • F-link
  • Typhoon storm straps
  • Transport bag

Now you know that Eclipse Sun Canopy will be the best choice for your caravanning needs, giving you all the best perks you require to fully enjoy nature and comfort on your caravanning holidays. All you have left now is to decide which frame will suit your needs best. You have a choice between Zinox MegaFrame and CarbonX. 

Zinox MegaFrame supplies you with the highest possible strength, stability and durability in the most inclement weathers. It is a tubular steel frame (material thickness: 32mm/1.2mm so much wider than the standard Zinox) with welded corners and MegaFix on the poles. The Zinox MegaFrame is supplied with two extra rafter poles, as well as one Hercules Triple. This is a great deal from Isabella, as Hercules Triple is a brilliant product, improved even further for the new line. This device provides optimal tightening of the awning to ensure that the canvas is correctly tensioned. It counteracts wind noise and provides much greater stability of the Eclipse! This in turn, not only makes your holidays even more enjoyable but it also extends the life of the Eclipse as the load is evenly spread over all its parts.  The handle and swingarm are cast in aluminium, so Hercules Triple weighs just 250 g. If your awning has a Zinox MegaFrame you might want the Eclipse to have it too. Zinox MegaFrame is made up of 4 layers:

Zinox layers for Isabella Penta Flint

CarbonX frame, on the other hand, is a carbon-fibre reinforced fibreglass frame which is suitable for both permanent and touring caravanning, giving you the best of both worlds. Carbon fibres are combined with glass fibres in varying amounts, according to pole diameters to offer maximum strength. The frame is lightweight and fully corrosion-resistant. All CarbonX frames are supplied with IsaFix locking mechanism. With IsaFix in place, keeping the frame in position is easy. With one press of the handgrip, a discreet "click" tells you IsaFix is locked in position. CarbonX frame is made up of 6 layers:

CarbonX layers in Commodore Dawn/North


Depth: 225cm 
Isabella sizes:
G14 - 850/875
G16 - 900/915/925/940
G18 - 950/962/975/989
G19 - 1000/1015/1025
G20 - 1050/1075
G21 - 1100/1125
Choose the correct size for your caravan's 'A' measurement in the options.  (The 'A' measurement is the distance from the ground up and all the way around your caravan's awning rail and back down to the ground.)
Frame: CarbonX or Zinox MegaFrame
Material: IsaRoof Light 240g/m²

Isabella Eclipse Sun Canopy Technical Illustration


Isabella Eclipse Sun Canopy Weights

Optional Extras: 

Side Panel (right/left)

This brilliant side panel with a large window for Eclipse Sun Canopy is easily assembled using plastic connecting strips. See instructions for assembly in the Attachment tab above. The side panel can be used on either the left or right-hand side of your Eclipse - but there is nothing stopping you from purchasing two, for both sides! This will allow you to create a perfect, cosy shelter, with the view of the world with the sun not shining in your eyes. 

Weight: 2.5kg 
Manufacturer reference: 261000311

Side Adaptor

If you are planning to mount your Eclipse straight onto the caravan, you require an adaptor to fit the side panel to it. See how easy the Adaptor is to use in the instructions - they can be found in the Attachments tab. 

Manufacturer reference: 261000416



Product Type

  • Beige
Product Type:
  • Awning Extension
  • Sun Canopy
  • Quick Pitch

Instruction for Isabella Eclipse Sun Canopy assembly (Eclipse_instructions.pdf, 4,564 Kb) [Download]

Instructions for optional side panel assembly (Eclipse_side_instructions.pdf, 1,242 Kb) [Download]

Instructions for optional adaptor assembly (needed to attach the side panel when Eclipse is mounted on the caravan) (Eclipse_adaptor_instructions.pdf, 255 Kb) [Download]