Freestander Kit

Isabella Driveaway Multi Connector Kit 4m

The Isabella Driveaway Multi Connector kit is amazingly practical and allows you to simply and quickly attach accessories or awnings onto your caravan. Another practical use for this product is on your campervan. This product will support your awning, letting you leave the site without having to dismantle your awning.

 Isabella Driveaway Freestander Kit 4m

The Freestander Kit makes it easy to attach new accessories to your caravan, allowing you to personalise your awning and cater to you and your families needs. 

With Freestander Kit – Multi-fit, adding a new awning or accessories onto your caravan is easy – even if you have an older awning rail. 

Turn the double bead to fit the size of your awning rail. Use the click profiles from the product you wish to attach. This makes it easy to slide the awning on and off, for rapid set up and take down, giving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors with your loved ones!

You can also use the Freestander Kit if you are out and about with your campervan and want to leave the awning where it is. Simply disconnect the Freestander Kit from your campervan and it will support the awning while you’re off pursuing adventures.


Material: Plastic 
Colour: White 
Manufacturer reference: 4m=  900060488

Product Type

Product Type:
  • Parts & Spares