Isabella Double Cupboard

Isabella Double Cupboard

Store all your holiday essentials in this brilliant, lightweight, transportable, foldable cupboard which features a power socket!

Isabella Double Cupboard - 2020

Spacious & Practical.

Unique storage cupboard with a smart folding method, which means that the cupboard can be closed like a suitcase. The four legs are 'snapped' into the bracket and folded into the cupboard when folding it together. The cupboard comes with a practical bag for easy transportation. Its low weight of only 11kg will not overload your cargo. Despite its lightness, it can hold up to 30kg of your essential holiday items! You will also have enough space for them, as the cupboard consists of 3 shelves and a fixed top. As you can see in the photos, it also has pockets on the sides for maximum storage options

Folding cabinet Double has a lid on the top so that a pop-up tower with mains socket can be mounted on it (pop-up tower should be removed when the cupboard is packed away).

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Measurements: 84 x 50 x 81cm
Weight: 11kg 
Load: 30kg 
Manufacturer reference: 700006257


Product Type

  • Black
Product Type:
  • Storage