Isabella Chopping Boards

Isabella Chopping Boards

An essential item in any caravan or motorhome kitchen, made by the highest quality manufacturer with the highest quality materials.

Isabella Chopping Boards - pack of 2 -

The Isabella Chopping Board is an essential item in any Caravan or Motorhome kitchen. 

These chopping boards have a non-slip surface to prevent them from sliding around while you are trying to cut food. 

They also have a lip around the outer edge to stop juices spilling onto your work surface. They come with a handle that can be used to hang them up in a cupboard.

The two chopping boards come in a set, in two different sizes: 37 x 24 cm and 28 x 19 cm.


Pack Quantity: 2
Microwave safe: No 
Dishwasher safe: Yes (max. 70 °C)
Colour: Light Grey
Dimensions: 37 x 24cm & 28 x 19cm
Safety feature: Non-slip back surface
Manufacturer reference: 900060471



Product Type

  • Light Grey
Product Type:
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchenware