Isabella Partition Wall

Isabella Awning Partition Wall

Divide your awning into two with this fabulous partition wall which will promote a good indoor climate of your camping oasis.

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Isabella Partition Wall

Allows you to divide your awning.

Christmas is approaching and when you put up the awning at the start of the season when it’s still a little on the chilly side, a partition wall is a perfect way to separate the warm area from the cold. The partition wall is quick to put up using the pole system in the awning and the “living room” can be heated up to make it pleasant to sit in the awning. The partition wall has a window and a door, and it is possible to remove the entire inner section. The partition wall is made of coated polyester is available for almost all Isabella awnings, as it comes in two sizes for the two available depths: 2.5 and 3 metres. There is also a special version available for Penta Flint only. Choose the partition wall size/type that you require in the options. 

2.5-metre partition wall will fit: 

3-metre partition wall will fit: