Isabella Annexe Grey

Isabella Annexe Grey

Extend your storage/bedroom space on your caravanning holidays with this beautiful, spacious, strong annexe, available in two sizes to match most Isabella awnings.

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Isabella Annexe Grey - 2020

FREE DELIVERY WITHIN THE UK ON ALL ISABELLA AWNINGS & ANNEXES ONLY FROM AWNINGS DIRECT! (Note that you may be contacted about a small delivery fee if you live in Highlands and Islands)

Extend the living space of your awning with Isabella's beautiful Grey annexe. It offers the maximum height an Isabella awning can have, a removable front panel with two doors and an insect ventilation zip.  It will make the best possible inside climate yet without the annoyance of bugs. Moreover, it features internal mudflaps for both dirt and draught protection. It can be used for storage or even a sleeping space for those unexpected guests with an inner tent.  

Isabella thought of everything; if you want to separate the annexe from the main body of the awning, you can purchase a partition wall. Alternatively, Isabella equipped Annexe Grey with extra zip, so that you can use your awning's side panel as a partition wall.

Isabella took meticulous care when designing Annexe Grey. Its roof is made of IsaRoof 285g/m² - an ultradurable UV-resistant polyester textile, treated with two layers of breathable acrylic. This means, that the insides of Annexe Grey will be protected from the sun and hence kept cool even in hot weathers. Also, since the material is made of breathable acrylic, it will promote good inside climate.

The walls of Annexe Grey, on the other hand, are produced with Isabella's well known Isacryl 295g/m², their optimal, durable, breathable, fibre-dyed acrylic material. The density of the weave plus the impregnation all the way through prevents water ingress. Isacryl also has the highest achievable fade-resistance thanks to the pigmentation method, which prevents the beautiful colourway of Annexe Grey from fading: 

Colours of Isabella Annexe Grey

The annexe will prove long-lasting thanks to these strong and waterproof materials it is made of. 

Now you know that Annexe Grey will perfectly complement your caravanning holidays. You just have to choose the frame for your Annexe Grey between Zinox and CarbonX. 

Zinox steel frame is hot galvanised both inside and out to extend its life and to meet all load-bearing requirements. The steel frame is made of ISO-certified steel. The strength of the Zinox steel frame makes it particularly suitable for pitching your caravan permanently. Caravanning in the off-peak seasons demands great structural stability due to weather conditions such as strong winds and snow. This fabulous frame is supplied with T-Rex locking mechanism. It locks the poles in place and keeps them tensioned in all weather conditions with one press of the handgrip and a discreet "click". Zinox is made up of 4 layers:

Zinox layers for Isabella Penta Flint

CarbonX frame, on the other hand, is a carbon-fibre reinforced fibreglass frame which is suitable for both permanent and touring caravanning, giving you the best of both worlds. Carbon Fibres are combined with glass fibres in varying amounts, according to pole diameters to offer maximum strength. The frame is light and fully corrosion resistant. All CarbonX frames are supplied with IsaFix locking mechanism. With IsaFix in place, keeping the frame in position is easy. With one press of the handgrip, a discreet "click" tells you IsaFix is locked in position. CarbonX frame is made up of 6 layers:

CarbonX layers in Commodore Dawn/North

Most importantly, Annexe Grey will also not take up much time setting up - take a look for yourself how quick and straightforward it is to erect (on a different coloured model, with Zinox frame as an example): 

Annexe Tall is also available in North and Sand versions.

Annexe Grey comes in two sizes; both spacious (see specification), but fit different types of awnings:

Annexe Sand 250 fits either the left or right-hand side of: 


Annexe Sand 220 fits: 


Colour: Steel/Antracite-coloured trim
Roof Material: IsaRoof 285g/m²
Wall material: Isacryl 295g/m²
Frame: Zinox or CarbonX
Mudflap: Internal
250: 240 x 145cm
220: 210 x 145cm
250: Zinox - 18.6kg, CarbonX - 14.2kg
220: Zinox - 17.8kg, CarbonX - 12.7kg
Optional extra: Inner tent, Partition Wall
Manufacturer reference: 
250: 403832509
220: 403832209




Product Type

  • Grey/Antracite
Product Type:
  • Annexe
  • Awning Annex
  • Awning Extension
  • Inner Tent
  • Quick Pitch


  • 1-2 People

Add Inner Tent?

Isabella Annexe Grey
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1 x £526.00
Isabella Inner Tent
1 x £108.00
A perfect addition to your Annexe Grey 220/250 to transform it into a cosy bedroom. If you require the annexe for other purposes, the inner tent can also easily be mounted in the awning main body.
Total list price £634.00
Price for all £634.00

Add Partition Wall?

Isabella Annexe Grey
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1 x £526.00
Isabella Partition Wall For Annexe
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1 x £106.00
Divide the main body and the space in your Annexe Grey with this lovely, breathable partition wall. It does not contain any windows (unlike the side panels) to give you some privacy.
Total list price £632.00
Price for all £632.00

Add Inner Tent + Partition Wall?

Isabella Annexe Grey
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1 x £526.00
Isabella Partition Wall For Annexe
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1 x £106.00
Isabella Inner Tent
1 x £108.00
If you want to be prepared for unexpected guests, purchase your Annexe Grey together with an Inner Tent for them to sleep in. To additionally give them some privacy, install a Partition Wall between the annexe and the awning - it will also maintain good temperature homeostasis in the main body of your awning. 
Total list price £740.00
Price for all £740.00