Inaca Sands 250

Inaca Sands 250 Full Caravan Awning

Perfect full caravan awning for touring with your family; you will appreciate the strength of Inaca Sands, as well as its easy assembly.

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Inaca Sands 250 with Steel Frame  

Now deservedly established as Inaca’s best selling acrylic awning in Europe,  the Sands comes in a new, elegant colour combination of anthracite with light grey. Large windows help you keep in touch with the natural environment around you. During darker hours of the day, stylish curtains are at hand to ensure privacy so that you and your loved ones can relax in peace. 

Easy to use and extremely durable, this awning represents fantastic value for money. The front wall comprises two panels with two/four fixed transparent windows and a door on each side, allowing all possibilities of variation so that your awning can adapt to your families specific needs. 

Each side panel features a door and a window, with the right-hand side panel hosting a mosquito net to keep out those pesky flying insects.

The whole awning may be transformed into a veranda or into a sun canopy. This feature means that you and your whole family can enjoy the beauty and the freshness of the great outdoors, whilst still being protected from the sun and from within the comfort of your own awning!




A-measurement sizes: 950, 1000, 1050 & 1075cm 
Frame: Steel 
Depth: 250cm + 30 cm canopy 
Removable Front Panel: 2 panels 
Removable Side Panels: Yes 
Front Panel Window: Fix 
Side Panel Window: Removable, fix Side Panel
Mosquito Net: Right side panel 
Roof Material: Printed PVA 
Roof Colour: Grey 
Wall Materials: Acrylic 
Acrylic Striped Panel: Yes 
Walls Colour: Light grey & dark grey 
Awning Skirt: Polyester PVC 
Mudflap: Polyester PVC 
No. of Doors: 4 doors 
Upper Central Ventilation: Yes 
Curtains: #4 Grey 



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  • Awning