Luxe Xl Annexe

Inaca Grey Luxe XL Annexe

Introducing the Luxe XL Annexe this practical annexe extends your awning to create a beautifully light and spacious area for your family to enjoy.  Fully equipped with large windows, a zippable entrance and protective mudflaps. This high-quality item is perfect for large families looking for a spacious retreat into the great outdoors!

Inaca Grey Luxe XL Annexe

*Fits the Stela, Sands, Fjord, Mirage, Sands, Dunes  and Jeroboam awnings from Inaca*

This spacious annexe will extend your awning to create an elegant space for relaxing with your family. Equipped with a zippable entrance and large windows this item creates a naturally light and well-ventilated extension to your Inaca awning, perfect for large families looking to enjoy the great outdoors this summer!


  • Depth: 125cm
  • Length: 225cm 
  • Height at apex: 175cm
  • Weight: 16kg 
  • Canvas: PVA Polyester 
  • Mudflaps: PVC

Product Type

  • Grey
Product Type:
  • Awning Annex