Dorema Steel Veranda Pole Endings

Dorema Veranda Poles

Choose the matching size and material of these amazing veranda poles to your Dorema Awning. These will support the side or front panels of your awning when unzipped.

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Dorema Veranda Poles - 2020

Dorema veranda pole for caravan awning and porch frames; this adjustable veranda pole supports the side or front panels when unzipped. Item number 1 on the frame diagram.

The veranda pole is adjustable and clamps between either the front and rear support poles to support the side panels when unzipped or between the front centre and front side support poles to support the front panel - might sound complicated but it's actually very straightforward. The veranda pole endings feature easy-to-use clamps which you wrap the frame pole with, lock it via a screw and voila! Now you have a lovely veranda in your awning, where you can watch the world go by at the top, without draught coming through the bottom

Choice of material:

  • Steel: standard on most awnings, quite heavy, better for Seasonal Site use 
  • Aluminium: extremely lightweight, perfect for touring caravans
  • Fibre Tech Plus (fibreglass): the strongest of all, yet lightweight, perfect for touring caravans


Steel and aluminium:

  • 120-215cm (sizes 4-8)
  • 195-280cm (sizes 9-15)
  • 270-355cm (sizes 16-22)

Fibre Tech Plus:

  • 115-210cm (sizes 4-8)
  • 210-285cm (sizes 9-15)
  • 270-340cm (sizes 16-22)

These veranda poles will be compatible with the following Dorema Awnings:

Full awnings:

Porch Awnings:

Air awnings:



Product Type

Product Type:
  • Poles
  • Veranda Pole

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