Dorema Safe Lock System Kit

Dorema Safe Lock System Kit

We highly recommend purchasing this incredible, easy to install, reliable safety kit for your awning, to protect it in all weather conditions. All of Dorema awnings made in 2003 onwards (apart from Davos porch awning) have a system to fit the Safety Lock Kit onto; however, if you purchase the Dorema Universal SafeLock Mounting Kit, then you can install the kit and feel safe in any model, whether from Dorema or not.

Dorema Safe Lock System Kit

Advanced storm system to secure your awning in adverse weather. All Dorema awnings, porches and motor annexes from 2003 onwards are equipped with locking clips compatible with this new advanced storm system. 

The system comprises of two parts, part one is the Safe Lock clip which is sewn into the roof of the awning; part two is the optional storm strap and spring system.  Used together they provide extra protection for the awning in severe weather conditions. This latest development in awning security eliminates all known problems with other types of storm straps.

Pack Contents:

  • 2 Pegs (38cm).
  • 2 Springs.
  • 2 Adjustable Straps


Fits: Dorema awnings post-2003
Box dimensions: 40 x 11.5 x 4cm
Manufacturer reference: 40031

All Dorema awnings and porches  (2003 onwards) are equipped with Safe Lock System clips for fitting a storm strap. A set of two storm straps is available as an optional extra. If you do not have a Dorema awning with the Safe Lock System fitted, but you do want to protect your awning, we recommend purchasing the Safe Lock Mounting Kit which will make any awning receptive to this brilliant safety precaution.




Product Type

Product Type:
  • Pegs / Straps / Ties