Dorema Aluminium Roof Support Pole

Dorema Roof Support Pole

These reliable roof support poles with enhancing the stability of your awning during seasonal pitches in bad, windy, unexpected weather.

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Dorema Roof Support Pole - 2020

Dorema awning roof support pole with hook and clamp to give extra support to your awning frame.

Dorema roof support pole for awning/porch frame the roof pole supports the canvas roof and can used to replace lost or damaged poles or to add extra stability for seasonal pitching. Item number 2 on the frame diagram.

The Dorema roof support pole is designed with a clamp to fix to the awning frame and a hook to attach to Dorema quick lock pads (link: Quick Lock Pad for Knaus-Wilk Caravans and Hobby Caravans), the support pole is adjustable to give the correct amount of tensioning to your awning canvas.

Available in 2 adjustable lengths to match the depth of your awning and you have a choice of materials to match the frame of your awning from Steel, Aluminium and Fibre Tech Plus (fibreglass):

  • Steel 25mm, adjustable up to 250cm
  • Steel 25mm, adjustable 250-300cm
  • Steel 28mm, adjustable up to 250cm
  • Steel 28cm, adjustable 250-300cm
  • Aluminium 25mm, adjustable up to 250cm
  • Aluminium 28mm, adjustable up to 250cm
  • Aluminium, adjustable 250-300cm
  • Fibre Tech Plus 25mm, adjustable up to 250cm
  • Fibre Tech Plus 25mm, adjustable 250-275cm

These fantastic roof support poles match the following Dorema Awnings: 



Product Type

Product Type:
  • Roof Pole