Dorema Rail Stopper to secure porch awnings

Dorema Rail Stoppers

Already have a Dorema porch awning? Or maybe any awning with a 6mm rail which has the annoying habit of sliding out of your caravan? Or maybe about to buy a porch awning but want to stop that from happening? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, this Rail Stopper will suit your needs and secure your porch awning.

Dorema Rail Stoppers - pack of 2  - 2020

Stop your porch awning from sliding out of the end of your awning rail with this pair of awning rail stoppers.

Slide the stoppers into place at the ends of the rail and tighten in place - the awning can then not move in the rale and slide out of position.

Fed up of your awning sliding out or beyond the end of the awning rail? The answer is to fit an awning rail stopper. Simply slide the stopper into the end of the awning rail and then tighten. The stopper will ensure the awning does not move in the rail and slide out. 

Fits any awning rail requiring a 6mm awning rail stopper.

Dorema Porch Awnings which fit the Rail Stoppers:


Pack Qty: 2 sets
Length: 53mm
Width: 13mm
Fit: 6mm awning rail
Manufacturer Reference: 40030V



Product Type

  • Silver
Product Type:
  • Awning
  • Parts & Spares
  • Pegs / Straps / Ties
  • Porch Awning

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