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Palma Awning Canopy in Blue/Grey

Dorema Palma Awning Canopy

Give your awning an extra, luxurious, porch with this spacious sun canopy.
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Dorema Palma Awning Canopy - 2020

Generous extension of your awning. 

This awning canopy is the latest introduction to the Dorema collection and is designed for the camper who wishes to create an additional extension to their awning. The Palma awning canopy will fit all new Dorema full awnings. Palma will add an extra 240cm depth to your full awning and also allow you to have a spacious outside area to relax in when the weather is nice, without getting sunburned. The canopy is secured to the awning by a plastic figure of 8 profile on the awning canopy. A separate side wall is available for both left and right makes this sun canopy versatile, as you can hide from the sun wherever it is. This canopy is made entirely of European Ten Cate material, making it lightweight, so perfect for touring. However, this material is also sturdy, reliable, waterproof, colourfast and easy to clean

You have the option of an aluminium frame for this canopy, which will make Palma even more lightweight and hence easier to transport, making it ideal for touring campers. The steel frame is also available, which is heavier and hence slightly sturdier.

Additionally, there is an option of EasyGrip for your Palma Awning Canopy. With the new Dorema EasyGrip frame system erecting your sun canopy is a simple and effortless process. Simply adjust the poles, press the clamp and hey presto your frame is tensioned with childlike simplicity, no effort or stress - just a perfectly erected frame.

Here is the list of awnings that this Palma Canopy can be used for, with hyperlinks to buy them from our website (with free shipping):


Depth: 240cm on floor
Roof material: Ten Cate lightweight coated polyester
Wall material: Ten Cate lightweight coated polyester
Frames: A choice from: 
Available sizes: 5-22 (750-1200cm)
Colour: Blue/grey or Charcoal/grey
Steel frame: size 7 approx. 11.9kg
Aluminium frame: size 7 approx. 8.6kg



Product Type

  • Blue/Grey
  • Charcoal/Grey
Product Type:
  • Awning
  • Canopy
  • Inflatable Air Awnings
  • Sun Canopy
  • Full Awning