Dometic Seam Sealant Kit

Dometic Seam Sealant

Dometic Seam Sealer is an essential bit of kit to help make quick repairs to thousands of different items, because you never know when disaster will strike! Compact 60ml tube takes up little space and comes with a nozzle for precise application for smaller repairs and a small application brush.  This is a handy essential that you might regret not having if the worst were to happen!

Dometic Seam Sealant

Dometic Repair Solution will adhere to almost any surface for fast, strong and extremely durable repairs to thousands of items. Ideal for sealing and repairing holes and rips in tents, awnings, inflatable products including tents, boats, toys and airbeds, self-inflating mattresses, waterproof clothing, wellingtons, waders, boots and shoes, car hoods, horse rugs, umbrellas, sails, bags, paddling pools, fishing and hunting gear. 


Seals seams on both synthetics and natural fabrics.
Colourless, flexible and washable. 
Ideal for sealing Tents and awnings, waterproof clothing, rucksacks, tarpaulins, etc.. 
60ml tube.
Comes with an included nozzle for precise application.
Application brush included

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Product Type

Product Type:
  • Repair Kits