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Dometic Air Break Pro 5

Dometic Air Break Pro 5

  • Single Point Inflation AirFrame technology
  • Fast set-up
  • Award-winning
  • Air Frame technology ensures a strong structure
  • Single Point Inflation makes set up easy
  • Award-winner for best camping innovation
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Dometic Air Break Pro 5

Never has a windbreak been so easy to set-up. Simply peg and pump to enjoy the AIR Break's free-standing protection. You can even connect it to the front of your Dometic awning to create a fully enclosed area – great for keeping dogs in.

Features include:

Single Point Inflation
  • Any of the quick release deflation valves located at the base of each leg will deflate the awning completely
  • With Single Point Inflation, all AIR Poles are linked together, meaning the entire awning can be inflated from a single inflation point
  • Incredibly durable, each AIR Pole is made of a TPU inflation tube inside of a reinforced oxford polyester cover, encased in a heavy-duty polyester sleeve

Fast set-up
Award-winner for best camping innovation


Depth: 840cm
Width: 840cm
Height: 140cm
Weight: 10.8 kg

Included: 1 windbreak; 1 peg pack; 1 carry bag 

Manufacturer's part number: 9120000354

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