Dometic Air Break All Season 3

Dometic Air Break All Season 3

  • Single Point Inflation AirFrame technology
  • Fast set-up
WEATHERSHIELD™ All Season material
  • Air Frame technology ensures a strong structure
  • Award-winner for best camping innovation

Dometic Air Break All Season 3

Never has a windbreak been so easy to set-up. Simply peg and pump to enjoy the AIR Break’s free-standing protection or connect it to the front of Kampa Dometic awnings to create a fully enclosed area – great for keeping dogs in. Utilising a unique AirFrame system with easy Single Point Inflation, the AIR Break remains sturdy yet flexible in the wind.

Features include:

Single Point Inflation
  • Any of the quick release deflation valves located at the base of each leg will deflate the awning completely
  • With Single Point Inflation, all AIR Poles are linked together, meaning the entire awning can be inflated from a single inflation point
  • Incredibly durable, each AIR Pole is made of a TPU inflation tube inside of a reinforced oxford polyester cover, encased in a heavy-duty polyester sleeve

WEATHERSHIELD™ All-Season Material

Ultra-rugged and UV resistant All-Season material, perfect for touring in warmer climes and for use on a seasonal pitch. The fully-breathable fabric is constructed to handle extremes of weather and has been tested in the wettest regions of Europe and the sunniest areas of Australia to ensure it never lets you down.

Fast set-up
Award-winner for best camping innovation


Depth: 620cm
Width: 620cm
Height: 140cm
Weight: 8.26 kg

Included: 1 windbreak; 1 peg pack; 1 carry bag 

Manufacturer's part number: 9120000290

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