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Inaca Full Awnings

Inaca Awnings - premium quality caravan awnings made in Spain

INACA awnings have been made in Barcelona, Spain for over 40 years. Since 1974 the Inaca name has stood for design flair, quality materials and contstruction, resulting in long service life and few problems. The canvas is made from a combination of Acrylic (strong and breathable), Polyester PVA (lightweight, breathable and very durable) and Polyester PVC (very strong and easy to clean). All of these high quality materials are waterproof and resilient. Inaca inspect every detail of their product to ensure the highest quality. This has helped secure INACA’s position at the very top of Spanish and other key European markets for caravan awnings.

Whilst the European standard for awning depth is 250cm, Inaca also offers depths of 270cm, 300cm and even 350cm to provide suitable alternatives for every customer.
For your comfort in warmer weather and to reduce the risk of condensation, it is important that an awning is correctly ventilated. Inaca awnings have mosquito netting in the side panel(s), coupled with ventilation in the upper central part of the front wall.  Cheaper awnings fabricated completely from Polyester PVC are more prone to excess condensation due to the use of non-breathable materials.
The composition of the panels along the front wall may vary according to the size of awning and the model chosen. On certain models the windows will be provided with zip down covers, protecting the window panel from adverse external weather conditions whilst offering additional privacy.
Inaca frames are manufactured by Campion, 25mm diameter galvanised steel being the standard. They are galvanised both from the outside and inside, thus avoiding any chance of oxidation. Lightweight frames are also available, using aluminium and top quality fibreglass (model dependant).
In summary, INACA is a premium awning brand with a long pedigree, offering exceptional performance and long life return on your investment.
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