Vango Kalari 520 Inflatable Caravan Porch Awning

Vango Kalari 520 Airbeam Caravan Awning

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Vango Kalari 520 Inflatable Porch Awning

Premium quality large porch awning from a market leader

Precision, luxurious styling, craftsmanship and innovation are the watchwords for the new Kalari. Every detail, in this top end caravan awning, immediately makes it one of the most progressive air caravan awnings on the market. From its distinctive curved shape to the Vista front windows and the supreme Vango Sentinel Luxe 600 fabric, this collection provides a truly sensational level of quality. The Kalari has flexi doors with multiple options allowing them to be opened to any level that suits you. Additional features include elegant zip up privacy curtains, lantern hanging points, mesh side windows with PVC covers and large diamond clear windows. The pinnacle of design elegance, the Kalari has it all.

Features and specifications:

Sentinel Luxe 600 Fabric - The pinnacle of our awning materials. Highly waterproof to withstand most weather conditions. The super strong 600D double ripstop threads combined with a 300D texturised base material, make it one of the strongest and most luxurious awning fabrics on the market
AirSpeed® Valve system and easy access positioning - designed by Vango to inflate your AirBeams with even less effort.
The beams in a Vango AirBeam create a strong and rigid tent structure. Very easy and quick to pitch
PVC mud strip around base of awning for easy cleaning
PVC vented draught-excluder strip included, plus 2x wheel arch covers - stops draughts from coming in under the caravan into the awning
Larger diameter beams are used with certain shapes and fabrics, to further enhance the AirBeam experience
Factory taped seams - All flysheet and groundsheet seams are factory taped, giving a water tight seal
AirBeam® Bracing beams included
Rock pegs included - Strong, durable and can be used on more challenging terrain
Webbing storm straps included - Provides secure guying at the front of the awning
Lantern hanging points - Conveniently positioned in the living and bedroom areas
Vista Front floods the living area with light and provides a great viewing gallery.
Zipped privacy curtains - Simple and quick to use, zip curtains allow varying levels of opening. Fit to the flysheet with no gaps and simply roll down into a pocket
Diamond Clear windows - Maximise light and visibility.
Flexi Door - Adjust to be fully or half open

Fire retardant fabrics - Meets European EN5912 safety standard 

Watch Vango's Airbeam awning pitching video (Varkala model):