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Martley 6 Berth Tent

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A striking Red, Black and Grey, the Martley stands out above all other 6 berth tents.

A Classic Vis-a-Vis style technial family tent. Lots of room for up to 6 people. OLPro Tents are designed with families in mind.

A concise range of three tents for 2013 to cover every family size and need. Whether it be a weekend away in The Knightwick or two weeks for a family of five in the Wichenford all OLPro tents are technically designed tents to give you the best value for money.

All OLPro tents are easy to erect tunnel designs meaning that one person can put up the tent but all of them are designed to be used over and over for families. With The Knightwick and The Wichenford all poles are the same length to make them easier, still, to put up and the Martley as a longer centre pole for extra height. All tents use a ring and pin system for putting up makes them even easier to erect. OLPro tents are 5000mm Hydrostatic Head, which means they can withstand 5 metres of water before they even think about leaking and all seams across every join on all tents are sealed. The larger two tents come with fully sewn in groundsheets, with drop down porch floors and organisers. All groundsheets are 10,000 Hydrostatic Head and all inner tents the same. The most striking thing about OLPro tents are the fantastic colours for 2013 - Black, Grey and Red which make them stand out from the crowd of green and blue.

' Every year we see more and more green and blue tents but wanted to produce a technical looking tent with key quality features that a family could buy and use over and over. We also wanted to make sure that anything that we saw as being essential as a family was included. So, on the larger tents we have mains cable entry points on both sides, the drop down porches, organisers and increased ventilation. I'm really proud that we've created a range of tents which will last and give families quality holiday after quality holiday '
Daniel Walton