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Kampa Rally Ace 400 lightweight framed caravan awning

Kampa Rally Ace 400

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Additional security for your awning in windy conditions.
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Kampa Rally Ace 400

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As well as inflatable technology, Kampa are at the forefront of conventional awning design. The Rally Ace lightweight framed 4 metre caravan awning showcases all that’s best in modern awning design and function, using aluminium poles. The Rally Ace, like all Rally awnings, is easy to set up - it is no more difficult than the smaller models. This awning is 400 cm wide and very generous at 300 cm deep - big enough for an extended holiday and an ideal replacement for a full awning.

All five panels can be zipped out and an optional annexe can be zipped into either side. The view out is amazing, through the skylights in the roof and the large panoramic windows. Unusually, for a lightweight awning, the Rally Ace comes with conventional curtains that gives an impression of sheer elegance. The Rally Ace is designed to accept all Kampa's  options including a roof lining and the accessories that attach to the fitted AccessoryTrack® . 

The material used is a ‘Feel the difference’ extra high quality heavy duty 300D Weathershield® material that can be found on Kampa’s current range of Rally Pro awnings. Curtains  create a more classic look that you would find with a traditional full awning and each of the panels can be removed entirely to allow added ventilation and to decrease the weight of the main body of the awning for threading through the caravan awning rail, making the overall set-up experience easier.

Additional ventilation has also been added to the apex of the awning to help with condensation and an optional roof liner can be fitted to the awning that further helps deal with this by creating an air pocket that helps regulate the temperature by keeping it warmer when it is cooler and cooler when it is warmer.

An optional annexe can be put on either side of the awning to suit preference, or even both!


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